First Aid 4 Souls complete BIMFEST 2018 line-up!

With First Aid 4 Souls, one of the electronic music projects founded by Hungarian musician Istvan Gazdag, our BIMFEST 2018 line-up is finally complete!

With this project Istvan mixes the brutality of noise music with the psychedelic pulsation of trance/acid, the rich melodies of new-wave / synth-wave with the strict grinding of electro industrial / EBM.

Recently he fired-up a brand new project called Stalgeist which has a more straight forward EBM touch. Together with Tamás Bank (Munkás/Worker) they summon the classic EBM sounds with harsh precision and commitment.

The perfect act to open our 17th edition of BIMFEST!

More info and media on the link below!